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Multi-Agent Planning Lab

Established in 2017, the lab focuses on developing algorithms and models for multi-agent planning. Most focus so far has been on the multi-agent STRIPS model and the multi-agent pathfinding problem. 

Current members:

M.Sc. students: Boris Kogan, Daniel Portnoy, and Tomer Shahar.


The Search@BGU lab was established in 2004 by Prof. Ariel Felner. Since 2013, I have been leading the lab with Prof. Felner. In the lab, we work on developing state-of-the-art heuristic search algorithms and analyzing their theoretical and practical properties.

Current members:

Ph.D students: Barak Hagbi, Eli Boyarski, Vitali Sepentisky, and Dor Atzmon.

M.Sc. students: Yossi Cohen, Yotam Sandback, and Yefim Feiterberg. 


Liron Samama, Alon Palombo, Max Barer, and Gal Dreiman. There's a longer list of alumni prior to me joining to lead the lab w. Prof. Felner. 

Anomaly Detection and Diagnosis Laboratory

The Anomaly Detection and Diagnosis Laboratory has been established by Dr. Meir Kalech in 2008, and I have been leading the lab together with Dr. Kalech since 2013. In the lab we research various topics related to automated anomaly detection, diagnosis, and troubleshooting. In paricular, we use model-based and data-driven techniques, and study the way they can complement each other. 

Current members:

Ph.D students: Amir El-mishali, Shahar Miller

M.Sc. students: Ori Bar-Ilan, Avi Gantz, Eran Heshkovitch, Eyal Hadad, Ido Tam, Inbal Roshanski, Dean Cazes, Gal Rosental, Yarden Levi, and Argaman Aloni. 


Orel Elimelech, Tom Zamir, Shelly Rogov, Hilla Shinitzky, and Netanel Hasidi

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