Research Interests

I enjoy almost anything that has to do with Artificial Intelligence, but mostly work on heuristic search, multi-agent planning, automated diagnosis, and using AI for improved patient-provider communication


  • Excited and honored to give an invited talk in the 3rd workshop on Multi-Agent Pathfinding and an early career spotlight talk at IJCAI 2019.

  • Won NSF-BSF grant on safe model-free planning with the amazing Prof. Brendan Juba from WUSTL!

  • Accepted paper to IJCAI 2019! Work on multi-agent pathfinding with continuous time. This is joint work with Anton Andreychuk and Konstantin Yakovlev. 

  • Accepted paper to SoCS 2019 on Variants, definitions, and benchmarks of multi-agent pathfinding. Joint work with 14! authors. 

Current Roles

  • Faculty member at the Department of Software and Information Systems Engineering, in Ben Gurion University

  • President of the Symposium on Combinatorial Search (SoCS)

  • Undergraduate teaching committee

Open positions

I am currently looking for motivated Ph.D. students and Post-doctoral researchers to work with me on funded projects in the following topics:

  • Multi-agent planning (funded by ISF)

  • Diagnosing software vulnerabilities

  • Safe model-free planning (funded by NSF-BSF)

Group photo from the internatinoal Symposium on Comabinatorial Search (SoCS) 2019 at Napa, CA, USA. Thanks to William Yeoh and Pavel Surynek for organizing and chairing it.

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