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Research Interests

I enjoy almost anything that has to do with Artificial Intelligence, but mostly work on heuristic search, multi-agent planning, automated diagnosis, learning model for planning, and using AI for better Software Engineering. 

Current Roles


  • The paper "An Impact-Driven Approach to Predict User Stories Instability" was accepted to the journal first track of Requirement Engineering (RE) 2023. Joint work with Arnon Sturm and Maxim Bragilovski.

  • The paper on "Synthesizing Priority Planning Formulae for Multi-Agent Pathfinding" was accepted to Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE) 2023. Joint work with Shway Wang, Vadim Bulitko, Taoan Huang, and Sven Koenig. 

  • Faculty member at the Dept. of Software and Information Systems Engineering, in Ben Gurion University (BGU)

  • Vice Head of the Software Engineering program in BGU

  • Associate Editor and Chair of the Award-Winning Papers track in the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR). 

Open positions

I am currently looking for motivated Ph.D. students and Post-doctoral researchers to work with me on funded projects in the following topics:

  • Safe model-free planning (funded by NSF-BSF)

  • Applicable, lifelong, Multi-Agent Pathfinding

  • Automated generation of software requirements

  • Learning action models for planning

Contact me at first_name.last_name @


A picture from the International Symposium on Combinatorial Search (SoCS) 2019 at Napa, CA. 

The Online Hebrew Intro to AI Course

  • I'm delighted to invite everyone to the first online "Introduction to AI" course in Hebrew! covering the basics of classical AI, and features a team of top AI researchers including Prof. Ariel Felner, Prof. Ronen Brafman, Prof. Kobi Gal, Prof. Guy Shani, Dr. Nadav Rappapot, Dr. Dor Atzmon, and Argaman Mordoch. 

  • You can watch the course as part of the platform via this link or directly in YouTube via this link

Group photo from the internatinoal Symposium on Comabinatorial Search (SoCS) 2019 at Napa, CA, USA. Thanks to William Yeoh and Pavel Surynek for organizing and chairing it.
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